• Protect your rims from tire shine spray when you detail with RimBrim

    Cleaner, Faster, Smarter Wheel Care
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Cleaner, Faster, Smarter protection

CLEANER - Using RimBrim eliminates 100% chemical overspray mess on wheels, calipers, and discs.

FASTER - RimBrim Eliminates 100% of time to reclean wheels when using tire sprays

SMARTER - RimBrim's patented design solves the mess and time problem - Finally

Guaranteed 100% - Made in the USA

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RimBrim comes in seven sizes for wheels 16" to 22"

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RimBrim is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

What is RimBrim

RimBrim prevents tire shine protectant spray residue from sticking to wheels, calipers, brake discs and pads. The unique, patented wheel shield design ensures a mess-free spray application and eliminates the need to re-clean wheels after treating tires with tire shine protectant. By eliminating the extra steps required to re-clean wheels, detail time is reduced by 50%-75% while using a rim spray cover.

Every RimBrim is a wheel shield made of a clear, durable polymer material that is impervious to popular, manufactured tire shine protectant products. Tabs located on the top edge are designed to be inserted between your wheel and the tire brim, allowing for hands-free use in most cases. An ergonomically designed grip also allows you to effortlessly hold RimBrim over the wheel while you spray your favorite tire shine protectant on your tire.

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