How do I know which RimBrim size to buy for my vehicle?

RimBrim comes in seven sizes: 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 21", and 22". The size of a RimBrim corresponds to the size you should order based on your wheel diameter, not the actual dimensions of the RimBrim. Do not measure the diameter of the wheel yourself to determine the size of RimBrim you need. Instead, refer to your tire sidewall and find the wheel diameter size. For example, a tire branded with "P215/50R17 93V" means the wheel diameter is 17 inches, which will require a 17 inch RimBrim.

Does the RimBrim stay on by itself?

In most cases, yes. The tabs located on the top edge can be inserted between your wheel and the tire brim, allowing for hands-free use of the product during most applications. An ergonomically designed grip also allows you to effortlessly hold RimBrim over the wheel while you spray your favorite tire shine protectant on your tire.

Will RimBrim hold up to harsh chemicals?

Product testing guarantees that RimBrim will withstand popular manufactured tire shine protectant sprays regardless of what chemicals are present. RimBrim is backed by a 100% guarantee and if it is ever damaged from chemicals or doesn’t perform up to your expectations we will replace it.

How often should I apply tire shine protectant to my tires?

To achieve a lasting, deep tire shine and protection, it is recommended that tire shine protectant be applied to tires after every car wash.

What is the best way to store RimBrim in my garage?

After using RimBrim, wipe or rinse off excess spray and store it in an area where it will not be crushed or bent, and with nothing resting on it. The original shipping box or a (clean) pizza box can offer further protection.